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Warrick deliver an efficient and seamless home building experience for clients.

1/Onsite Meeting

Following your direct contact or via your architect. We will meet you onsite to discuss your project requirements in detail.

If you’re plans are already prepared, we will review them in context and discuss the floorplan, fittings and fixtures and various features.

If you don’t’ have plans we will then refer you to suitable architect to have plans prepared before proceeding further. Once completed, we will meet you again onsite to discuss the plans.

2/Concept Drawings*

If you don’t have an architect yet, we will refer you to a reputable architect to have preliminary concept drawings prepared. The architect will discuss your design and lifestyle requirements and identify ways to take advantage of your building site and existing dwelling (if applicable). Following your discussion, they will go away and prepare preliminary concept drawings for your consideration. Often this process will involve several meetings and drafts to settle on a final design concept.

NOTE: Where possible, we like to be involved early in the design process, to ensure that can help you achieve the best result, helping you avoid unnecessary plan changes at the final stages.

3/Building Proposal

After reviewing the plans and your building site, we will prepare a building proposal for your approval. Our proposal will include a detailed outline of our costs based on your architect’s specifications and estimated completion date. When appropriate we will also identify opportunities for potential cost savings, either through the selection of alternative building materials or construction methods.

If required, we will modify the proposal to meet your project budget. 

4/Deposit & Preliminary Works

At this stage, we require a deposit before we arrange for a soil test and engineering slab report. 

5/Planning Approval

If your home or land is subject to planning conditions or regulations, such as a heritage overlay or listing, we can help you prepare and submit the appropriate documentation to gain planning approval. 

6/Working Drawings

We now turn your concept drawings into working drawings, which enables us to prepare fixed price Building Quote. The working drawings will also be used to obtain the necessary building approvals with your local council.

7/Colour Selection

If you not specified by your architect, we then arrange for you to meet with our interior designer and colour consultant who will help you choose the colours and materials to finish off your home. At this stage, you will also need to select your plumbing fittings, door hardware and electrical appliances. 

8/Building Contract & Specification

Once preliminary works and planning approvals are completed, we then prepare the contract and specification for your sign off.  The Building Contract will outline the various construction stages, payment schedules and completion dates. Separately your Specification, will detail all building inclusions, from your building materials to fixtures and fittings.

9/Home Construction

Warrick will commence construction of your new home or extension. We will keep you updated regularly through the process and meet with you (and your architect) onsite at critical stages during the construction process.

10/Completion & Handover

Once construction is complete and the building surveyor has issues the Certificate of Occupancy, the house (or extension) is ready for you to move in to.  At this time, we will arrange for a professional cleaner to clean your property and clear it off any rubbish. We will also meet you onsite to present you with the keys along with the relevant certificates and operating manuals.

11/Building Maintenance

Following handover, and to ensure your property is in working order, we encourage clients to make a list of any issues, if any, so we can return and complete a maintenance visit. If a problem arises that requires urgent attention we will attend to it immediately.

Discuss your home project

Contact Dean Warrick on 0412 549 551 or email us to arrange an appointment. We’re happy to meet onsite, at our offices or in your local café, at your convenience.

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